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Court's Name District of Arizona - TEST
Release Name NextGen CM/ECF Release 1.5 (Revision 1.5.1)
ECF Go Live Date October 1997
Maximum PDF File Size (MB) 7
Maximum Merge Document Size (MB) 10
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Court Locations
Court's Name
Court's Name District of Arizona - TEST
Court's Email Address
Court's Hours 8:30 am - 4:00 pm Monday-Friday
Court's Name District of Arizona, Phoenix Division
Court's Address (Phoenix Division) 230 N. First Avenue, Suite 101, Phoenix, AZ 85003-1727
Court's Phone Number Phoenix (602) 682-4000 or (800) 556-9230
Court's Name District of Arizona, Tucson Division
Court's Address (Tucson Division) 38 S. Scott Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85701-1704
Court's Phone Number Tucson (520) 202-7500 or (800) 556-9224
Court's Name District of Arizona, Yuma Division
Court's Address (Yuma Division) 98 W. First Street, Suite 270, Yuma, AZ 85364
Court's Phone Number Yuma (800) 556-9230

PACER Details
PACER Address PACER Service Center, PO Box 780549, San Antonio TX 78278-0549
PACER Phone Number (800) 676-6856
PACER Email Address pacer_Test@localhost.localdomain

Flag Definitions
727COMPLNTSection 727 Complaint Filed
APFeeDueAdversary Filing Fee Due
AUDIT-NOCLOSESelected for Audit
AppealAppeal Filed
Appeal 9th CircuitAppeal Filed 9th Circuit
AssignedDPCCase Assigned to DPC
BKFeeDuePetition Filing Fee Due
BKFeeWaivedPetition Filing Fee Waived
CLOSEDCase Closed
DISMISSEDCase Dismissed
DISMPREJDismissed with Prejudice
ExhibitsCase had exhibits.
FMgmtCertFinancial Mgmt Course Cert Req
FeeDueABFiling Fee Due on Motion to Compel Abandonment
FeeDueAMFiling Fee Due on Amendment to Schedules D,E,F
FeeDueAPPFiling Fee Due on Notice of Appeal or Cross Appeal
FeeDueCVConversion Filing Fee Due
FeeDueDCFiling Fee Due for Deconsolidation of Joint Case
FeeDueDirectAPPDirect Appeal to Court of Appeals Filing Fee
FeeDueRDFiling Fee Due on Motion to Redact
FeeDueROFiling Fee Due on Motion to Reopen Case
FeeDueSAFiling Fee Due on Motion for Sale of Property
FeeDueSTFiling Fee Due on Motion for Relief from Stay
FeeDueWDFiling Fee Due on Motion to Withdraw Reference
FeeWaivedPetition Filing Fee and Misc Fees Waived
FeeWaiverPendingApplication to Waive Filing Fee Pending
IFPIFP fee Waived
INVOLInvoluntary Petition
IneligCloseDo not redisplay case ineligible for auto close
IneligDischDo not redisplay case ineligible for auto discharge
JointAdminJoint Administered
LeaseDefResidential Lease Default
MEANSTMPEXTemporary exclusion from means test for reservists and national guard
MPFeeDueMisc Proceeding Filing Fee Due
NoASSETNo Asset Report
NoAutoDischDo not allow Auto Discharge for this case
PRIORDISThe debtor has received a discharge in the past
PlanConfirmedPlan Confirmed
PlnAssumeDocket utility event for reporting CM06 transaction
PlnLienDocket utility event for reporting CM07 transaction
PlnSurrenderSurrendered Collateral
PlnValueDocket utility event for reporting CM27 transaction
PreBAPCPAPre Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act Case
ProSeESROpened from an eSR package
RDStatHrgReaffirmation and Discharge Status Hearing
REOPENEDCase Reopened
RegFundsRegistry Funds
Repeat-azbprior BK filing within this court
SealedDocDocuments Filed Under Seal
SelfHelpReceived assistance from Self Help Center
SingleDismDismissal of One Debtor
SkipPriorRelCaseSkip AJT assignment because the case has a prior or related case
SmBusSmall Business
SplitCaseJoint Case Deconsolidated
Subchapter_VChapter 11, Subchapter V
UnclFundsUnclaimed Funds
WithXMLDataA code to track cases opened with XML data
eSROpened from an eSR package

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